The Ultimate Guide To Samsung SSD Magician Tool

The Samsung SSD Magician Tool is a software bundle that enables TRIM for the Samsung solid state hard drives, and it is the only way to update the firmware on your SSD. This magician tool is an application available for Window-based PCs only. It is imperative to have it installed on your PC if you want to maintain the health of your Samsung SSD and get it to work at its best performance, as it facilitates easy maintenance and use of Samsung SSD products connected to a desktop or notebook computer.

Samsung SSD magician tool does not only provide information about the Samsung SSD integrated into the user’s system, but also it supports advanced features, like SSD performance management, benchmarking for optimum performance, new firmware updates, etc.

Samsung SSD Magician comes with all new Samsung SSD’s.

Download & Installation

The latest version of Samsung SSD Magician Tool for 840 Series & 840 Series Pro as of [04-December-2012] is version 3.2 which can be download HERE

The installation and launching process is very easy and intuitive, so no need to explain it here.

After you launch the software, a set of utilities will show up as you can see in the above picture. We will discuss in a quick overview here the purpose of each utility and the proper way of using it.

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First Utility: System Information

It’s a menu that provides detailed system summary and the summary of Disk’s connected to the host system as you can see below.

This picture is quite expressive, therefore let’s move to the next utility.

Second Utility: Performance Benchmark

This menu allows the user to select a Samsung SSD for benchmarking.

You get a warning each time advising you that frequent execution of this feature may reduce the lifespan of the SSD – so use this feature sparingly.

The Performance Benchmarking application calculates the performance of the selected Samsung SSD. The performance parameters like Sequential Read, Sequential Write, Random Read and Random Write will be calculated and a comparison report with the previous performance result will be shown to the user.

Third Utility: Performance Optimization

This menu allows the user to select the disk(s) on which TRIM / iTRIM operation has to be done.

The Performance Optimization allows the user to select the disk(s) on which TRIM operation has to be done.

The Disk Progress specifies the progress of the selected SSD and the Drive Progress bar specifies the progress of each logical volume of the selected SSD.

Fourth Utility: OS Optimization

This menu allows the user to Tune /Untune the system services which effects the performance of the SSD.

Tuning the service will result in better SSD performance and also allows the user to clean up all temporary files.

Fifth Utility: F/W Update

This menu allows the user to create a USB bootable solution for updating Firmware of user’s SSD.

The Firmware Update menu creates the USB solution for updating the firmware. Firmware updates are painless. Magician can do it for you directly in Windows, or it can make a bootable USB or optical disk to take care of the update from outside Windows. Clicking the F/W update button should download the latest FW release. Samsung makes it pretty easy to find on their website in packages for Windows (through Magician) and .ISO formats.

After creating bootable USB bootable disk and bootable solution, you can boot the system from USB and update the Firmware of connected SSD.

Sixth Utility: Secure Erase

This menu allows the user to securely erase the data from the Samsung SSD. Windows and DOS based secure erase is supported.

One absolutely essential utility is found under the “Secure Erase” tab. Almost no manufacturers give users a fast and easy method to secure erase a drive. Like Intel’s SSD Toolbox, a Samsung drive can be sent the ATA secure erase command to put the drive back in a pristine, fresh-out-of-box state, all from within Windows. This is a huge time-saver, as secure erasing a drive through other tools requires a lot of time and effort, and usually some BIOS/UEFI tweaks as well (usually to put the motherboard into IDE, then when the secure erase has completed it must be changed back to AHCI/RAID).

The inclusion of a secure erase feature is very useful, especially if you ever plan to give the drive to someone else, or eventually when you may dispose of it for any reason. Just remember to backup your data first!

Seventh Utility: Over Provisioning

This menu allows the user to shrink/expand the logical volumes created on Samsung SSD.

This is where things get pretty cool. You can do the same thing when building your partition, but Magician gives you a nice graphical interface for setting more spare area. Additional spare area increases performance and the life of the flash.

Perhaps the most interesting of the Magician’s tricks is the ability to over-provision the drive. Magician analyzes the drive, and usually recommends about 9.09% of the user-capacity to be set aside. In the case of the 512GB, 47.60GB of over provisioning is recommended. Simply hitting the “shrink” button sets the operation into motion. Note that if the space taken up by over provisioning is ever needed back, the opposite expansion operation can be performed.

Any amount can be chose for over provisioning, but the SSD Magician’s recommendation is a good place to start. It can be performed with data on the drive, or even on the system drive. This functionality is actually available directly from Window’s Disk Management Utility, as long as the Virtual Disk Service is running. It takes a few more steps than Samsung’s SSD utility, but it does the job

The Shrink/Expand operation is supported on NTFS & RAW partitions.

Eighth Utility: Disk Clone

This menu allows the user to Backup & Recover data from the formatted SSD. Also it allows the user to migrate the data from SSD to HDD/SSD.

The Data Clone menu launches the Norton Ghost application if it already installed. If it isn’t installed you will see a message telling you it is not installed, and then you should go install it. If you don’t plan on using this feature you can ignore it.

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