Recover Lost Performance Of SSD With Secure Erase

When your SSD performance starts to decline, one of the best thing you can do is erasing it. It is not only a matter of sanitizing the drive, but it will restore the loss of performance on systems with inefficient garbage collection. SSDs require different methods of maintenance from standard hard disk drives. One of the most commonly performed actions is to secure erase the drive. A secure erase differs from a format, and is the only way to completely erase a solid-state drive

Here in this article you will learn how to securely erase a solid-state drive securely to regain your lost performance.

You need to know that utilities like CCleaner or DBAN are made for magnetic disk drives and won’t work on SSDs. Fortunately, there is a free secure-erase utility that does work with SSD drives, which is Parted Magic. Parted Magic is easy to use and compatible with most modern SSD drives. Here’s how to use Parted Magic to securely erase SSD drives:

Step 1: Create the Parted Magic bootable media.

Step 2: After booting into Parted Magic, go to System Tools, then select Erase Disk

Step 3: Select “Internal:Secure Erase command writes zeroes to entire data area” then click Continue.

Step 4: Select the SSD you want to erase, then click the OK button.

Step 5: If you get a message stating that your SSD drive is “frozen,” click the Sleep button to put your PC to sleep, then wake up your system and start over from Step 2. If you don’t get this message, move on to Step 6.

Step 6: Leave the password as “NULL” and click OK.

Step 7: Read the caution message and if you’re sure you want to continue, click YES.

Step 8: Once the secure-erase operation is complete, click Close.

That’s all. Now your SSD is supposed to become as well as you first bought it.

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