Let Your SSD Perform Best With SSD Fresh

Once you possess a solid state hard drive and want to integrate it into your system you will need to tweak the settings of Windows OS so as to take your SSD to its peak level of performance. Even if you have the best SSD of 2013 it will not work with its full capabilities without optimizing your operating system to create the proper enviroment for the SSD to operate at its optimal speed.

Yes there are many guides that teach you how to tweak/optimize your Windows OS to completely fit your SSD, but following and applying the instructions in these guides can really waste lots of time and efforts that a little tool like SSD-Fresh can save for you.

SSD Fresh

This software utility has two versions, one is FREE (can be downloaded from HERE) and one is for premium usage (it costs 10 EUR). SSD Fresh helps optimize Widnows OS automatically with just a click for SSD usage. Just note that to start using this software you need to register with your name and email address.

The software displays an overview of all connected SSDs on the system after startup. Information include the drive’s name, type, size, number of partitions, file system and the pie chart visualizing the drive’s used and free diskspace. A drive’s S.M.A.R.T. information are displayed with a click on the Smart data button.

Here is the list of all suggestions that are currently available in the program:

[*]. Indexing (disable search indexing)
[*]. Defragmentation (disable automatic defragmenting)
[*]. Timestamp (disable access time logs)
[*]. Prefetch (disable prefetching)
[*]. Defragmentation of boot files
[*]. Windows event logging
[*]. Systemrestore
[*]. 8.3 name creation

You can read more about its features in details by visiting SSD Fresh Home Page

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