All What You Need To Know About Intel SSD Toolbox

The Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox (Intel® SSD Toolbox) is drive management software that is planned for certain Intel SSD models (listed below) to make the drive work at the healthiest and highest posible performance. The Intel SSD Toolbox includes:
-> Management tools—that provide tools and information to get the most out of the SSD.
-> Information tools—which check standard drive information about the Intel SSD; compares Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) attributes to that of manufacturer threshold and recommends actions.
-> Diagnostic tools—that run basic or full diagnostic tests on the SSD and suggests recommended actions.

What Can Intel® SSD Toolbox Do For You?

[*] View current drive information for Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs), including:

  • Model number, capacity, and firmware version
  • Drive health
  • Estimated drive life remaining
  • SMART attributes (also available for hard disk drives and non-Intel SSDs)
  • IDENTIFY DEVICE information (also available for hard disk drives and non-Intel SSDs)

[*] Optimize the performance of an Intel SSD using Trim functionality
[*] Optimize the performance of an Intel SSD in RAID 0 using Trim functionality Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) 11.0 or greater
[*] Obtain proactive notifications of new Intel SSD Toolbox software versions for Windows* 7 and Windows* 8 systems
[*] Update the firmware on a supported Intel SSD
[*] Run quick and full diagnostic scans to test the read and write functionality of an Intel SSD
[*] Check and tune your system settings for optimal Intel SSD performance, power efficiency, and endurance
[*] View your system information and hardware configuration, such as central processing unit (CPU),
chipset, controller name, and driver versions
[*] Run Secure Erase on a secondary Intel SSD

You can learn more about this toolbox by watching the following video:

The Latest Intel SSD Toolbox 3.1.2 (released on the 27th of November 2012) supports firmware updates on the following Intel SSDs, but only provides firmware updates when they are needed;

Intel® Solid-State Drive Latest Firmware Version
Intel® Solid-State Drive 710 Series 6PB10362
Intel® Solid-State Drive 320 Series 4PC10362
Intel® Solid-State Drive 311 Series 2CV102M5
Intel® Solid-State Drive 310 Series 2CV102M3
Intel® Solid-State Drive 330 Series 300i
Intel® Solid-State Drive 335 Series 335t
Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 Series 400i
Intel® X18-M / X25-M SATA SSDs (34nm) 2CV102M3
Intel® X25-V SATA SSD 2CV102M3


Latest Intel SSD Toolbox 3.1.2
Intel SSD Toolbox 3.1 Installation Guide
Intel SSD Toolbox FAQ

Or just visit this SSD Toolbox homepage on Intel’s website HERE

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